Introducing: The Gladiator!

Hey there!

I'm thrilled to present to you my very first publicly available Masks playbook!

The Gladiator is meant to evoke the feel of heroes who just love the fight, getting down and dirty with combat!  They carry stories and rumors from their past exploits and if they aren't careful somebody'll come calling to cut them open.  In your teen life, you're big, strong, and everybody knows who you are.

If you've been looking to play a campy Wolverine, Gamora, or Totally Awesome Hulk, you've found your playbook.

The currently available version isn't pretty, but it's the best it is at what it does.


Masks The Gladiator Printable.pdf 117 kB
Dec 13, 2019
Masks The Gladiator Alpha.pdf 51 kB
Dec 12, 2019

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