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This game looks super cool and I'm excited to try facilitating it this weekend. I have some questions about the mechanics though. 

1.) We will be a group of 3. How do I as both the facilitator and a player distribute roles to each of us in secret if and I'll know what roles I've distributed. Wouldn't that give me an unfair advantage? 

2.) The PDF says that if there are three players to give one player two roles. But a lot of the win conditions on the roles are opposed to each other so is it on me as the facilitator to decide which player gets which two roles? And is it necessary to make sure that every role is fulfilled? Or can we give each player just one role?


Hey, I realize this is a month from when you asked the question, but I facilitated a group of three, so I can maybe help if it's not too late!

1) If you're playing in person, it should be as easy as just handing out the role sheets face down. Digitally, I couldn't think of a way to do it, and just accepted that I was going to know who had what roles. Maybe if you had somebody not playing who was willing to divide them up and text out assignments, or drop spoilered messages in a Discord that people can click and claim?

2) When I facilitated, I checked if anybody wanted the second role, then took it for myself since I was more familiar with the game. Some people love playing multiple characters, some hate it, so that's probably the best way to handle it.

I DO think the game is playable with one role missing, but it may mess up the math a little bit.

Chase the Hollow is a very moody creepypasta simulator! Really neat core mechanic that leans into the tropes of the genre, until only one is left.

Plus, this game plays in a design space that I've always been interested in - when a player is Taken, they still get ways to help from beyond the grave! Extremely cool.

Looking forward to giving this one a try!